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Lay B

Lay B


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Accomplishing your goals and following your dreams is tough for anybody, but almost
impossible for those who come from nothing. Atlanta based rapper Lay B knows this all too
well. Caught up in the streets at a young age, The New Brunswick, New Jersey-native was
facing 20 years to life for an altercation where he broke someone’s jaw, which got him kicked
out of college. Falling into a deep depression, music was the one thing that helped him turn his
life around. On his debut single, “Rags 2 Riches,” Lay B shares his personal story upgrading
from a mediocre everyday rap to just going all-in, a process he was able to achieve thanks to a
brother who was his biggest fan but also his biggest critic, as well as his father, who was a
rapper himself, and introduced Lay B to the art as a young age. The Source calls the record “a
powerful joint that sees the upcoming emcee share in total transparency his personal story with
rapping.” Already garnering over 150k streams, it’s the first of many releases that we can expect
from the Global Status Inc. signee, as his music continues to evolve, transforming from strictly
raw rapping to lyrical rapping, into an artist who can blend melodies and tap into his emotions,
and transform his life experiences into his signature sound. Just this October, Lay B also
released his Iconic Measure EP. This 3-song EP sees Lay B go with more substance over style,
displaying his storytelling skills and the mastery of wordplay in a new light.

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